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Portola Redwoods State Park


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Saturday, March 18, 2000

After paying the $6.00 parking fee, we parked just south of the visitor center and headed south along the service road to the first trail which headed southwest, towards Tiptoe Falls. Suzanne, Kathy, Chatherine, Nancy, Dirk, Steve, and Mike found that access to the falls was actually blocked, unless we wanted to ford the rather cold stream.

So we returned to the road and attempted to find another access to the falls further south. That access was closed, but we did find a small waterfall just across the bridge over the Pescadero Creek.

We also found the Iverson's Cabin site, but the cabin did not survive the last season.

Heading back up the service road, we stopped to do some work for the Society for the Prevention of Plate Tectonics. Then we took the Summit Trail. A little way up the trail, we came across two large water storage tanks [top left: Dirk, Steven, Catherine, Nancy].

Less than a mile later, we reached the summit [bottom left: Catherine, Steven, Nancy, Kathy, Dirk] and had a snack while we talked.

During the descent, we stopped to notice the various plants. In particular, we noticed the difference in foliage between young and old Redwood branches.

Upon reaching the Upper Escape Road, Nancy and Kathy entertained us with singing. Afterwards, we retired to the picnic area for a shared lunch before returning home.

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