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About two thirds of the hike is exposed, the rest is shaded. Poison oak is rare for the vast majority of the trail, but is heavy and overhangs small portions of the trail, especially near where Fish Trail crosses the Little Fork Coyote Creek. Hike is hard on the "Wimble Scale".

Plan on at least 3 large water bottles—more if it is very warm. Definitely take snacks along. Consider using a water purifier and replenishing your water at Frog Lake, at a water trough above Frog Lake, or at the Little Fork Coyote Creek.

There is one moderate, long climb in the beginning from the Park Headquarters and a long descent to Frog Lake. The trail rolls along from Frog Lake to the Fish Trail with a very short, steep climb about 1/4 or 1/2 mile before you join up with the Fish Trail. From the Fish Trail, there is a long, easy descent to the Little Fork Coyote Creek, and a moderate climb back up through a pass in Pine Ridge. Then the trail has an easy descent followed by a long, moderate climb next to a stream bed back to the Park Headquarters.

The trail is about 6 or 7 miles long. Climb was difficult to asses, but it felt like 800 feet to 1000 feet, perhaps less. Plan on taking at least 4 hours for the hike.



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Trip Reports

Saturday, April 29, 2000

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Dirk, Nancy, Kathy and Mike began the hike at 10 AM. We returned to Park Headquarters at 2 PM and had a birthday picnic for Kathy.

Nancy demonstrates her mountain lion defense strategy to Dirk and Kathy.

Mike, Nancy, and Kathy rest at the Little Coyote Creek ford.

There were a profusion of caterpillars in the park. Here is a picture at a watering station just beyond Frog Pond.
And here is another picture of caterpillars all over a Madrone tree. These may be the Malacosoma californicum.
It's hard to do better than hiking with good friends across a stunning field of wildflowers.

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