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Fall Creek Unit, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park


There are a variety of hikes at this site, from short and easy to long and hard. Once you get past the beginning of the trail, however, you begin a long climb up the side of a steep mountain. There are two large streams along the trail which probably run all summer. Since the streams fall over granite and lime down the mountainside, there are plenty of picturesque waterfalls. One of the trails involves crossing one of the streams several times, sometimes on logs, sometimes on carved tree trunks.

The long hike described below is about 9 miles long with a lot of climbing - probably more than 1200 feet. Except for the occasional rock fall, no portion is particularly steep. But once you have gone up to the lime kilns, if you take the long option, there isn't much choice but to continue or turn back - there aren't any shortcuts. For scenery, though, it's hard to beat.

The trail is completely covered. Most of the trails are more or less clear of poison oak, but you need to pay attention. Poison oak often encroaches the trail at foot level. It's easy to avoid, but you need to watch where you walk.

This short trails are easy and the long trail is hard on the "Wimble Scale". Plan on at least two large water bottles and two snacks for the long hike, which will take 4 to 5 hours and is probably over 9 miles long. I believe there were porta-potties at the trail head.



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Trip Reports

Saturday, June 3, 2000

Nancy, Kathy, and Mike make a death march. We didn't have enough information about the hike and expected a 5 mile, 2 or 3 hour hike instead of 9 miles and 5 hours. Water just barely lasted and we could have used some more energy snacks.

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Mike is seated at a stream beyond Lost Camp.
One of the small water falls along the South Fork Fall Creek.

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