FOM FOK Hiking Group

San Francisco


This was the first of the urban hikes for this year. It was lead by Nancy "let's look up here" Bernard. It's main theme was to explore the Soma (south of Market Street) section of the city. See the following directions for the apparent algorithm we used.


Trip Report

Saturday, June 17, 2000

Click on pictures below for a larger version.

Here's a typical scenario. As we walked down Mission Street, we passed by a hawker selling Pokemon pillows, several housing-deprived citizens, and a few entrepreneurs who specialized in home manufacture holistic remedies for those wishing to escape the realities of this universe. Suddenly, we came upon the most pungent smell from an alley where they apparently held the 2000 Piss Off competition. So, naturally, Nancy and Peter had to rush up the alley to look at the unsolicited, extemporaneous posters for the contest.

In the next picture, we see the entryway to the restaurant where we had lunch. What the tie-in was between early Simon and Garfunkel pictures, antique gas pumps, antique and fake antique radios, electronic test equipment, and airplane cockpit chairs we beyond my ken. The food was just so-so, but the atmosphere was certainly eccentric.

Finally, in the last picture, we get to see the Marzon wedding that was taking place as we explored the Mission Delores. I tried to offer good money to get someone to marry Gwen or Nancy on the spot, figuring I'd tell them about it afterwards, but everyone was too busy with this wedding to consider the offer.

Just as the Marzon wedding was ending, another wedding began. At that point, however, Gwen, Kathy, and I had to start back for the train while Nancy and Peter took off for even more exploration, so I didn't get to try to buy a husband from the second party.

Gwen, Kathy, and I ended up hiking about 4 and a half hours, and pushing ourselves to get back to the 4 pm train on time.

Peter and Nancy, however, hiked 9 hours or more and got back to the train station in between trains and had to wait until 10 pm for a ride back.

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