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Alameda County Fair


An unusual hike for us as we walked through farm land, wet land, rain forest, and dessert. We passed up on the trips which involved alpine heights. For our efforts, we were well rewarded.

This trail is easy/fun on the "Wimble Scale". Plan on no water bottles and no snacks as you will live off the land. Be sure, however, to bring money. Think of it as restoring the land for whatever bounty you take. The hike will take at least 2 to 3 hours. There are facilities throughout.


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Saturday, June 24, 2000

Gwynneth, Kathy, and Mike "do the fair".

Click on picture below to view a larger version.

The Alameda County Fair is perhaps the most picturesque and pleasant fair in the area. A small crew is constantly policing the area to keep it clean. Entertainment roves among the many free sites. I particular like to sit and watch the talent shows, including the live bands, and the various dancers. Steps away from the talent show area is food, the rock and gem exhibit, food, the painting and photograph exhibit, food, flowers and horticulture, food, and, of course, a horde of hawkers selling everything from knives to knick knacks, and food.

There are always two free shows in the evening. Above, is Paula Poundstone doing stand-up comedy. During the first show, an elderly lady sitting right in front of us had some sort of medical problem. She passed out and the paramedics had to come and help carry her out.

Gwyn was taken with one of the hawker's items -- we'll have to see if he convinced her to buy, or if she'll wait and look again at the upcoming San Mateo County Fair beginning August 11. See

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