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Portola Redwoods State Park


An almost totally enclosed trail. Little poison oak on well kept, somewhat wide trails. Hike is "hard" on the "Wimble Scale". Plan on at least two large water bottles.

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Trip Reports

Saturday, August 19, 2000

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After paying the $6.00 parking fee, we parked just south of the Park Office. This is a good time to use the facilities as it will be a long time to the next toilet.

This is a long hike with a lot of climb. Make sure you take plenty of food and water. I drank over 30 ounces of water on this trip.

As you go along the Bear Creek Trail, the poison oak eventually overruns the trail. Pay close attention to where you walk to avoid getting it on you. Some amount of gymnastics might be involved as you twist and turn to avoid contact.

To the left, you see Kathy and Stephanie at the turnaround point. If we had gone further, we would have had to climb down 800 feet to make a short loop, then climb back up the 800 feet.

On the way up and back, we came across a couple of volunteer groups that were working on the trail (shown left). Unfortunately, we didn't have any spare food for them. Next time, we should think to bring extra chocolate bars for just such an encounter. Unlike bears, it is ok to feed the volunteers.

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