Saturday, January 6, 2001

Rancho San Antonio

For a description of Rancho San Antonio, including an overall map and links to other web sites about Rancho San Antonio, click here.

Kathy, Nancy and Michael take an easy hike to start the season. See the Trip Report below.

Trip Report

To begin the new season, we planned a couple of very easy hikes. Unfortunately, the group interest seems to fluctuate with the temperature. Only Nancy joined Kathy and Mike. It was a beautiful day, however, and a very good temperature for hiking. Still, we took an easy hike up to the Farm Bypass Trail, along the Coyote Trail towards the water tower and on towards the horse trailer parking lot. About half way down the hill, we turned around and retraced our steps to make the hike longer and to get more exercise.

We stopped at the Deer Hollow Farm on the way back and were treated to two of the piglets having a good romp. They were jumping and digging and picking on each other while frantically running all around the pen. Tiger the sheep was also out for people to pet. As so often happens, we went out for a meal afterwards and had a good breakfast at Hobbees.