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Saturday, May 4, 2002

Hidden villa

We started out with plans for Windy Hill -- a sort of practice for next week's Henry Coe. Then only two people said they planned to come. Then only one called on the day of the hike. Kathy and I planned to cancel the hike and go bike riding. But then Sherman showed up, and Kathleen called to say that she and Ted would be coming. Bob, a new member, said he would meet us at the trailhead. So, the hike was on, but we changed it to a shorter hike at Hidden Villa instead.

Another stunning day for a hike, with great wildflowers. While we went up hill, the humor went steadily down hill. Puns and inuendo were rampant. Sherman told us how he got lost on a recent hike by himself.

Then came the meal afterwards. Bob had to take off, and the rest of us decided to head for Clark's in Mountain View. But, on the way there, were were passed by Kathleen and Ted. Kathleen rolls down here window and gestures to me with a finger -- no, not that finger. "Follow us," she shouts. And Ted takes off. We're not sure where Ted is taking us. He's in the left lane. Then he's in the center lane. Then, just as traffic starts at the stop light, he makes a mad dash into the right turn lane. Then he's in the left lane again. No signals, no telepathic messages, it's like he's making a strafing run in an fighter jet. Next time we'll make him file a flight plan first.

The meal is always fun as we tell stories and get to know each other better. Sherman tells us all about coming over from China. Ted tells us about what war is actually like, and then he tells us about ravens and their intelligence. Then Kathleen decides to show Kathy this really great clothing store next to the restaurant. "It's not polite to go into a store and not buy something," Kathy says.

Next week is the first "planned" hard hike of the year. We've had several unplanned hikes so far, but this one we'll be ready for.

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