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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Hidden Villa

Another attempt at that easy, uneventful hike. This time, the weather was indeed perfect. We love Hidden Villa. But, it closes down to the public for the summer for all but about one weekend per month while it hosts children for educational camps.

The new born are all still at that really cute stage, from the calf, to the lambs, to the kids. A group of children is being given the chance to have a short ride on the horses. A conference is taking place in the hostel.

We start up the West Fork. I didn't realize that one of the hikers was just getting over an illness, so rather than taking the shorter, Bunny Loop trail, we take the trail up to the preserve boundary. It won't be long before the West Fork creek dries out, but for now it's still beautiful to hike beside. Still, it's a bit of climb to the top, and we encourage whining in our group -- this is the place to get it out of your system. Mind you, some people abuse the invitation at times, though it's usually me.

For the first third of the hike, I take the lead, which means that I get to eat all the spider webs. After that, Laura and Sherman, who are more aggressive walkers, lead. The poison oak is in good growth now and it seems that people aren't watching for the low branches at the edge of the trail as well as they should. In contrast, the wild orchids are an unexpected treat, hidden on top of the mountain.

After the hike, we come over to our house for the first of several post hike parties.

Next week, Angel Island.

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