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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Rancho San Antonio County Park

We tried something different this time -- an afternoon hike. We start out as seven of us, beginning the hike a bit before 4 pm. Then Julia joined us. A bit further on, Jim and his family joined us. Twelve is a large group in the heavily travelled Rancho San Antonio.

We hike for three and a half hours. With two hard hikes coming up, we didn't want to make the hike too easy. Then most of us went to Bricks for dinner. We had hoped to find a lot of different wildlife, but only found lizards, birds, and deer. We didn't see any coyote, mountain lions, bobcats, turkeys, or even rats. We did see that two goats had apparently escaped from the farm and were going crazy trying to eat all the leaves off the trees.

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.