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Saturday, August 10, 2002

San Francisco

We did a hike in the City. This was a roam-wherever-we-feel-like-it hike. Eventually, we ended down in the Irish/Italian sector where we stopped into an Irish pub for lunch. Then Dave had this idea that he might have seen a back way to Coit Tower, somewhere, maybe. So he lead us off on an adventure. We did find a shear cliff, with a rope mesh hanging down to help slow down any rock slides from falling onto the apartments below.

While we were tempted to climb the cliff, wiser counsel prevailed and we continued the search. Eventually we found a long, steep stairway up the back side of Coit Tower. At that point, some of the group decided that the time had come for them to head back in order to meet other commitments. The rest of us tightened our belts and began the ascent.

After leaving Coit Tower, we went past Columbus Park which was supposed to be having a jazz festival. At the time we were passing, however, the music was bad -- very bad.

You can get the sense of the hike from the pictures.

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.