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Saturday, September 7, 2002

Freemont Older

The announcement:

Actually, one hike was proposed, then a different, then a different, and then we changed the hike at the last instant. We tell people all the time that the process for coming on a hike is that you must e-mail to say you plan to come, and then you must call on the day of the hike, between 30 and 60 minutes before the hike, to confirm the hike is still on. That's because we change hikes at the last instance several times during the year.

The hike:

On Saturday, four of us went geocacheing and we had our very first success! Yes, the mountain goat skills of Dirk, paired by the tenaciousness of Jean, and the eagle eyes of Dinesh led us to the hidden cache where we wrote in the log and swapped treasures of immense value. Our first geocacheing attempt was at Sanborn, and we failed to find the cache. The second was a multipart puzzle that we only did the first part (the other part was much farther away).

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