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Sunday, October 6, 2002

Hidden Villa

The announcement:

This week's hike is Hidden Villa, followed by a picnic.

The hike will be moderate to upper end of moderate - following the West Fork creek up over the hill and down the Bunny Creek. If there are hikers that would like to come but would rather not do this hard of a hike, there are several easier options you could do, and still join in on the picnic afterwards.

We'll leave here at 9 am, and begin hiking about 9:45. The hike should last a bit over 2 hours, so the picnic will start noon or 12:30 or a bit later. If you want to come to the picnic, bring drinks and food for yourself. Often, people bring a bit extra of something to share with others -- a salad, veggies, a desert, etc. But you don't have to bring extra.

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.