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Copyright © 2000-2002 by Michael Wimble, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Saturday, October 19, 2002

FOMFOK Party, 2002

The announcement:

I guess I keep forgetting that not everyone knows about the annual FOMFOK (Friends of Mike, Friends of Kathy) party that I hold. You are all invited. It's on Saturday, October 19.

It's held at the Sycamore Group Picnic Area near Stevens Canyon Reservoir. There is an early, easy to moderate hike that starts at 9 and goes up to the Picchetti Winery and back, if you'd like to join. Otherwise we'll gather around noon and begin eating around 1. Silliness will reign until 5 or 6 or later.

There is a large barbecue pit. We'll bring charcoal and various formerly-living things to cook, such as hamburgers, turkey burgers, and garden burgers. You bring drinks, other food for yourself, and a "signature" dish to share.

We'll bring a few games, such as bache ball, croquet, Pictionary, and Taboo. If you think we should try something else, bring it. I may be doing a short music thing with banjo, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, whatever, or maybe not. Feel free to bring any non-electric entertainment thing you'd like to bring.

The picnic area has room for something under 50 cars, and the picnic tables are in a covered area. There are flush toilets and a flat clear area which normally is used for volley ball. The woods are full of poison oak, as are all the Santa Cruz Mountains, so watch your kids. Yes, bring the family and kids, significant others, teddy bears, etc.

I'll try to send you a pdf brochure announcement, which includes a map to the place. If you'd like to come, please RSVP by e-mail ( or call (408) 739-6114. Let us know how many are coming and what dish you might like to share (you don't have to bring a dish).

Usually about 20 or so show up. This year, we're hoping for more.

The party:

As usual, the party began with a hike. This time, it was just around the lake. While the hikers were gone, I practiced on my banjo. This was going to be my first attempt at playing in public.

Well, that was only partially successful. I started out trying to be a bit funny, telling how bluegrass was invented in the hills of Vermont. Then I played, "Tell Him", an old rock and roll song, on the banjo. Actually, I kind of like the banjo version -- I may have to record it later. I then played "Dooley", a bluegrass standard, then switched to the guitar for a few songs, and returned to the banjo so we could all sing the "FOMFOK 2002" song I wrote for the occassion. Here are the lyrics:

FOMFOK 2002 Song
(Why are we lost when we have a map?)
© 2002 by Michael Wimble -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Sherman went hiking up Stevens Canyon
He should'a brought along a companion
He left the trail and got stuck in a crevice
From then on it was like climbing Mount Everest

Well what did we learn this day?
Well what did we learn about the hiking way?

If your lost and come to a stream,
Go down, not up.

Kathleen led us up Windy Hill
For a while I thought we'd be there still
Every time we came to a bush or a tree
She had to stop and pray down on her knees


When you come to a bench along the trail,
Sit down, and rest up.

Julia went climbing up goat rock,
A slippery slope, a big granite block,
When she got to the top and turned around,
That's when she found she couldn't get down.

(Chorus) …

Make sure you have a plan to get down
Before you climb up.

Ted is a Marine, likes to hike in shorts
He is the "Love Llama" and a real good sport
He likes to teach all about surviving
What birds to eat, what plants to imbibe in


When you're in trouble, maybe stuck in a cave-in
Don't even bother trying to catch yourself a raven.

Zona and Ron went to Henry Coe
Every bird or bee they managed to show
A red grasshopper, a California Condor,
A Yeti, and Nessie, I'm sure there were lots more.

(Chorus) …

When she wants you to give critters a hug,
For Godsakes, it's only a bug.

Peggy easily climbed Tibet in the dark,
Only to get lost in Sanborn Park
She regaled us all with her many tales
Of fierce brown grizzlies chewing on toe nails

(Chorus) …

When there're men with maps and GPS devices
Be sure to ask Kathy what her advice is.

Bob keeps coming with us to Fall Creek
A real tough hike, and adventure he seeks
He keeps missing Big Ben and the turn that does down
And always ends up in another town


When you're miles from the trail, maybe hurt your pride,
You can always find someone to give you a ride

Then Sherman entertained us on the Er Hu. And Nancy played a few songs on the guitar and sang. Finally, Kathy sang for us. Finally, more food, more games, more bache ball, and it was time to leave before they kicked us out of the park.

All in all, another very successful year of hiking.

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.