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Saturday, January 4, 2003 Butano State Park


Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 7 miles, Climb: 600 feet, Time: 4 hours

The Announcement

This Saturday's hike is Butano State Park, in Pescadero. We'll leave here at 9, and begin the hike a bit after 10. The hike is moderate on the "Wimble Scale". Plan on about 3 hours. There are fire roads and single track, hills and meadows -- something for everyone. Afterwards, we'll have lunch at Duarte's (olallieberry pie - yum). We may stop at Phipps ranch, or the general store in San Gregoria as well on the way back.

Of course, if Jean says she's coming, we may have to cancel the hike at the last minute :-)

The Hike

We unexpectedly met Bob along the way. Bob, on a new trail, and with his guests that made 13 hikers. You remember the last time we took Bob on a new hike with 13 hikers? Well, we ended up in a completely unexpected town, 6 miles from where we wanted to be. But, Bob and his two friends left us shortly afterwards, so we had only minor, incidental bad luck. For instance, we were hiking along a very narrow trail cut into a very steep cliff on very loose and damp soil, and while trying to cross a small landslide along the trail, we caused another landslide. And two hours into the hike we came across a fallen tree that completely blocked the trail and we had to turn back. And there was a section of trail that was completely washed out, but the wash outs were hidden by vegetation, so we could have very easily fallen down the cliff, but we didn't.

When we finally got back to the cars, we hurried to Duarte's, expecting them to be closed between lunch and dinner. But they accomodated us. In fact, as Kathy went inside towards the back of the restaurant, she came across Bob. Sitting there. Eating pie. Well, we were glad that Bob didn't end up in, say, Big Basin instead of back in Pescadero.

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