This is the FOMFOK Hiking group located in the San Francisco Bay Area
We hike every weekend, with a mixture of easy, medium, and hard hikes.
We do waterfall hikes early in the year, wildflower hikes in the spring,
and work up the the challenge hike and party in the fall.
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Saturday, January 25, 2003 Grant Ranch


Wimble Scale: Difficult, Length: 6.5 miles, Climb: 900 feet, Time: 3.5 hours

The Announcement

This week's hike is Grant Ranch. We plan on hiking the Dairy Trail and Dutch Flat Trail. This is a 7 mile, moderate hike. It should have some pretty great views. Close encounters with man-eating, vampire, Ninja pigs is almost guaranteed.

We leave here at 9, and will start the hike about 10. Plan on 3 hours of hiking, more or less, about 800 feet of climb, with lunch along the trail. The trail should all be wide and clear - no poison oak likely. Much of it will be exposed, so put on the sunblock. Oh, and bring a stick in case we need a concerted effort to fend of the Ninja pigs.

The Hike

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.

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