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Sunday, May 11, 2003 Henry Coe State Park


Wimble Scale: Difficult, Length: 8 miles, Climb: 1100 feet, Time: 4 hours

The Announcement

Next week is the annual, traditional Mother's Day hike at Henry Coe. This is a _HARD HIKE_ This is a fun 6 mile hike. Unfortunately, it's closer to 8 miles long. Do _NOT_ show up if you are only used to 2 to 3 hour hikes, or aren't used to climbing more than 500 feet (this hike is more like 1000 feet, as I recall). It will take about 4 hours and involves climbing 3 moderate sized hills. But, Henry Coe is worth it. It's beautiful. And after you've climbed over the first hill, it rapidly turns into a remote area. Which is why I'm giving you warning. Once you go over the first hill, there aren't a lot of options for you if you decide you don't want to do the hike -- the only way out is to hike out.

Normally, we do a picnic afterwards. Let us know if you want to do a picnic. Otherwise, we may go to a restaurant afterwards.

We'll leave here at 7:30, arriving at about 9:30. There will be a celebration going on at the park on Sunday, with lots of mothers showing up, so we need to get there a bit early, or we'll have an extra 2 miles we'll have to walk.

There are flush toilets to start, and nothing again until you get back. A good chunk of the trail is exposed or partly exposed, probably about half or a bit more. Water is the key -- bring plenty. It may be hot in the exposed sections. It may be cool to start. Think about bringing basic first aid stuff: moleskin, bandages, etc. People often fall on the steep sections; I fell off the trail last year and got a good scrape; there are sometimes thorns on the trailside. Bring plenty of water.

Remember, it's a 4 hour hike. If you're bringing a camera, bring a good amount of film -- this is a great picture-taking place. Bring a lunch and a couple of snacks. We'll stop at least twice, maybe 3 times to eat/snack. Sneakers are a very bad idea. The hills are full of shattered rock that is rather slippery in places.

So, have I scared you enough? No? Well, I'll correct that on the hike. Hope to see you on Sunday, May 11. Our house at 7:30 or at the park at 9:30. This is one of the great, traditional hikes we do this year. Join us if you can.

The Hike

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.

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