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We hike every weekend, with a mixture of easy, medium, and hard hikes.
We do waterfall hikes early in the year, wildflower hikes in the spring,
and work up the the challenge hike and party in the fall.
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Saturday, August 16, 2003 Angel Island State Park


Wimble Scale: Easy, Length: 1.5 miles, Climb: 800 feet, Time: 2 hours

The Announcement

The hike this Saturday is Angel Island. See for details on the ferry we will take from Tiburon to the island and back. It's $8.00 per person for the round-trip fare. The ferry leaves Tiburon on the hour and the Island at 20 minutes after the hour, between 10 am and 4 pm. We hope to catch the 10 am ferry, so we'll be leaving here at 8:15 sharp.

You can meet us at the Ferry dock just before 10, if you'd prefer. You might want to also bring family-friendly radios, if you have them.

The hike has a moderate climb to start, and then is pretty much an easy hike after that. In the past, the hikes have been fairly short - 2 hours or less. We may do more of the tourist thing this time. Or, possibly, we don't know for sure yet, Dave may provide suprise additional options. If so, I'll leave it to Dave to give us details of what he will provide.

There is a small snack shop near the dock on the island. We plan on getting together at a diner in Tiburon after the hike. Parking near the dock is iffy, so check maps of the area to find all the little, hidden parking lots.

The Hike

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.

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