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We hike every weekend, with a mixture of easy, medium, and hard hikes.
We do waterfall hikes early in the year, wildflower hikes in the spring,
and work up the the challenge hike and party in the fall.
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Saturday, September 27, 2003 Sanborn County Park


Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 2.9 miles, Climb: 1000 feet, Time: 2.5 hours

The Announcement

this weekend's hike is Saturday at Sanborn. We'll meet up with the "nearly-6 babes a camping", and there will be a picnic afterwards.

Sanborn is mostly enclosed, with easy to difficult options. Well, actually, Sanborn is a climb. It's easy when you turn around early, moderate when you turn around nearly at the top, and difficult when you go to the top, explore the ridgeline, wrestle a mountain lion, trek through backberry bushes, and descend the mountain at a dead run. We'll mostly do the moderate option or a little more.

We leave here at 9 and begin the hike at about 9:30. Don't forget picnic goodies. It's a potluck affair, so bring a dish to share. There is a camp stove, if we need to heat anything. When we pre-explorered the place recently, only campstoves were allowed - no campfires or pit fires of any flavor.

We may add one or two geo-cache options to the hike, if people are interested and:

The Hike

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.

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