Sunday, January 11, 2004 Castle Rock State Park


Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 3.2 miles, Climb: 1000 feet, Time: 2 hours

The Announcement

Last week was a great hike for the start of the new year. 10 of us, and more water in Uvas than we've ever seen. And the lunch afterwards was pretty good -- especially if you liked blackberries.

This week we'll do another waterfall hike while the streams are high -- Castle Rock. This is one of the more popular hiking locations and we'll be going there a few times this year. We'll at least be back during the wildflower season. This is a moderate hike again, with an option near the end for an easier finish. The trails are well traveled, and usually well maintained (barring new tree falls). Plan on a bit over 2 hours, with a wide variety of temperatures.

The Hike

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