Saturday, February 7, 2004 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve


Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 3.75 miles, Climb: 5 feet, Time: 2 hours

The Announcement

We'll be doing a trail at Montebello Ridge that we haven't done before (yes, there still is one). We'll go down the Stevens Creek nature Trail for the usual lessons in stream crossing by Kathy. I hope to have a movie camera with us to capture these wondrous moments of near tragic accident and panic. But, from there we'll take the White Oak Trail back. We'll look for new ways to encounter poison oak when the leaves have fallen, and look for more close encounters with the coyotes and fox.

Be prepared for lots of mushy trails, falling into streams, brushing against poison oak, and wondering if you need rabies vaccine shots. In short, a fun, short hike. The total hike is about 3 miles and the total climb is about 500 feet. Since it's short, let's sleep in a bit on Saturday. We'll leave at 9:30 and begin the hike a bit after 10. We should be done before noon. We may want to go out for "cheap Chinese" food. Then it's home to clean up again, take a nap, and dream of how I'm going to win hundreds of dollars from you at poker. Ok, maybe you have a different agenda.

The Hike

Well, not much panic this hike. It was cold to start, probably in the low 50s. Kathy gave a demonstration of how to cross a stream by dancing on her tiptopes. Nancy followed that with a demonstration of how to test how waterproof your hiking boots were.

For the gallery of pictures from the hike, click HERE.

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